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A Heart To Serve


My heart was set on fire to be a prayer warrior after going on a mission trip to Uganda where I was on the prayer team and was able to pray for hundreds of people.

Praying for others allows you to hear others’ stories, empathize with them, and love them in whatever season they may be in. Prayer is an opportunity to build a personal relationship with God, glorify Him, and trust your worries to His care.

Great Opportunity 


God hears and answers our prayers! Volunteering with REACH has allowed me to pray for so many individuals and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spread God’s word.


Join Us



Here is a our Sign Up Link  fill it out and we will send you a email with the details of the event.  You can also contact us directly at: contact@katherinea8.sg-host.com or 425-298-3442 and we will contact you back within 24 hours.



Donate to Reach and help us impact more peoples lives with the Gospel. We want to develop more training material to further invest in the growth of others. By doing this we can change people lives.

We are a Washington State Nonprofit and a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status. To learn more about our donations options visit our donate page for more information.


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