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To Have an Amazing REACH Serve Day:

We have simple processes put in place that helps volunteers serve.

We have trained REACH leaders to lead volunteers and are responsible for a successful event.

Our goal is to provide a safe serving space for all.
Volunteers being equipped gives us the ability to help those we serve.

Reach Safety Process:

1.  Stick Together – in groups of 2-3 or more.
2. Cell Phones – We do not encourage letting others use your cell phone.
3. Giving Money – We do not encourage handing out money.
4. In Case of a Situation – If you ever feel uncomfortable, find a Reach leader.

Reach Resources Process:

We offer sustainable solutions to help people in most situations. If people request housing, community or any other resources be sure to connect them with the closest Reach leader available. Know that Reach leaders are trained to provide proper information to help.

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    14284 121st Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034

    Reach Outreach Ministry | Email: Contact@ReachMinistry.org | Phone: 425.298.3442

    14284 121st Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034