Seattle Outreach




We setup tables and supplies twice a week in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle. Each week, we bring a streamlined list of items that usually consist of food, supplies, and clothing. Volunteers are encouraged to bring items to help the cause, or they can come to just serve, which is priceless. We have a suggested list of supplies below which help provide food for many people and is cost efficient. See the list below under the What to Bring section.



Here is a our Volunteer Sign Up Form Link  fill it out and we will send you a email with the details of the event.  You can also contact us directly at:contact@reachministry.org or 425-298-3442 and we will contact you back within 24 hours and gladly answer any question you may have.




Pre-Event Prep:

Dress weather-appropriately, with layers and comfortable shoes (will be standing or walking outside). Mainly as a precaution, we advise that you don’t wear or bring anything overly valuable.


Meeting Place:

– Please email info@reachministry.org to receive the date and times

– There is street parking near Starbucks and Occidental Square (pay-to-park)


– We will wait about 10 min. for everyone to arrive and talk about our plan for the morning. After that, we’ll walk as a group over to Occidental Square (Washington St & Occidental Ave) to begin setting up tables with food and supplies.


Areas to Serve:

Outreach Team – Prepare Cup Noodles, serve pastries, make hot chocolate, and serve people coffee

Street Team – Pack snack bags, walk the streets as a team, pass out bags, and engage with people who cannot make it to the park

Ministry Team – Engage with people and offer them encouragement and prayer


End Process:

– We’ll end the morning either when we run out of supplies or by 10:30 am

– Tear down tables & supplies and load them in the Reach Ministry van

– Debrief – circle up to talk and share about the morning



All are welcome to bring food or supplies to help the cause. We usually serve Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Pastries, and Cup of Noodles at the tables and make bagged lunches for the Street Team. Below are some affordable food items that you can bring to help.


Suggested Food Items:

Cup of Noodles, Bottle Water, PB & J Sandwiches, Oranges/Bananas, Small Bag of Chips, Applesauce, Chewy Granola Bars, Popcorn

If you are unable to attend an event, you can still support Reach Ministry via our Amazon Wish List or by Donating here.



More than just providing food and supplies, we want to engage with others and make them feel loved. You can ask where they are from (hear their story), give them words of encouragement (God loves them!), and see if they would like prayer (dedicated volunteers available). We also have Bibles and biblical literature to help feed the soul. Our goal is to be a light and provide hope and love during this hard time in people’s life, while respecting their boundaries.





Reach Ministry is a full-time ministry and outreach we operate daily to make an impact in the community and into peoples lives.


Without your help we could not provide food, supplies, operations and materials to further the cause. By planting financial seeds of faith into Reach Ministry we can continue to move forward and touch  many peoples lives.


We are a Washington State Nonprofit and a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status. To learn more about our donations options visit our Donate page for more information.

Get Involved



We are all about networking and being a community that is inviting to others. To help this cause, people have asked how their church be involved; that’s a good question. Churches usually have either a coordinator or a Pastor overseeing community projects and events. We would be more than happy to communicate with the designated person in charge and let them know about our intentions and format. We believe a huge part of growing is to pour into others’ lives, as the Word says, “He that refreshes others will be refreshed himself.”



We receive questions about how small groups can get involved and what is needed. All are welcome to come out and serve; the more, the merrier! Just send an email to: info@reachministry.org or call 425-298-3442, and our coordinator will give you more details on how you can join the cause. Often, small groups would like to work as a team and prepare beforehand and need details on what to bring. We will make sure to coordinate with you on what to bring to make the biggest impact for the event.