To come alongside the lost and broken-hearted and to create a platform for people to serve in the community. We bring light into the darkest places in our city.


Moving forward, we want to continue identifying new areas of need and training up volunteers to be sent into these areas.

The Power of Volunteering

Reach, Encourage and Equip Others

Reach Ministry has a passion for those who are going through tough times in life: people who are lost, broken, and desperately in need of help. Many of the individuals we serve have come to a place where they feel they are out of options – and out of hope. Our outreach teams go into the darkest corners of our city each week to meet them with food, emergency supplies – and an invitation to hope again.


Callings and Gifts

Who is called to help others? We believe each of us is called to love our neighbors as ourselves. We all have unique gifts, talents, platforms, and spheres of influence. We want to use these things to serve our neighbors in need, and also teach and empower others to do the same. We believe Jesus is the true way to be set free from situations in life.


More than a Meal

We use simple things like coffee, food, and essential supplies as a way to open doors for building relationships with others. Consistency builds trust, trust builds friendships, and friendships create opportunities to speak life and encouragement into those who need help.