Reach is an outreach ministry that goes into the darkest corners of our city to provide practical and spiritual needs to those experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental health issues and sex trafficking.

  Training & Equipping

If you want to help your community but don’t feel equipped, Reach will train you how to engage, provide hope and connect people to real solutions.



We reach people where they are and in their environment. Reaching people is not a onetime transaction but a consent reaching and building friendships. join Reach.


Brokenness and despair are a common reality with those in transition. Reach understands this and places people with the best resources to start a sustainable healing process.


People thriving in purpose and passion is what ends results we see. We put all our effort to make sure people receive a bright future by giving them housing with a purpose.


In Case of an Emergency

If you have or are witnessing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately for help.  If you are witnessing an emergency situation and need help, Reach Ministry may be able to provide a solution for most scenarios you encounter, giving you the confidence to be resourceful in all circumstances.

Housing With a Purpose

Sustainable housing solutions build a strong foundation on Jesus that provide individuals not only with housing, but healing and hope.

Better Together

Connect with communities so you can do life together. The common thread we identified with people experiencing difficult situations is not having community.

Get in touch

Thank you for visiting Reach Ministry! We hope the information provided on the website was helpful. If you have further questions, we would love to hear from you.